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We've got some awesome news for you: our Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets line now comes with a range of accessories that are specifically designed to make your life easier!

Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

Fuugu offers powerful cleaning tablets for washing machines that eliminate bacteria, limescale, and dirt. They effectively remove unpleasant odors and buildup. With a six-month supply, each pack of Fuugu tablets only needs to be used once a month.

Dishwasher Freshener

This dishwasher freshener is a product that eliminates unpleasant odors in your dishwasher and infuses a fresh lemon fragrance. Simply hang it inside the dishwasher and enjoy a refreshing smell on your kitchen utensils after washing.

Drain and Disposal Cleaning Tablets

This product uses powerful enzymes to remove dirt, unclog pipes, and leave a pleasant citrus scent. Each pack contains six tablets and is suitable for all types of drains and disposals, including those in households, offices, boats, and RVs.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

These laundry sheets are a convenient option for doing laundry. Each package contains 36 sheets that weigh 3.5 grams. They can effectively remove tough stains, are compatible with all washing machines, and are very safe to use.

Multi-Surface Cleaner Tablet

Fuugu multi-surface cleaner tablets are sold in packs of 5 and can be dissolved in water to create a powerful cleaning solution for various areas of your home. You can easily refill your existing bottle with these tablets, making it environmentally friendly.

Whether you're worried about everyday wear and tear or just want to give your investment a little boost, our comprehensive range of accessories has got you covered. Say goodbye to constant product replacements and hello to a longer lifespan for your favorite items. We've got your back!

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